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Start your business with Accountable & Liantis

To start working as an independent in Belgium, you need to register with the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises and apply for a VAT number. With this tool, you easily manage your registration online.

This is how it works:

  1. Fill in the registration form
  2. Liantis contacts you to verify the information
  3. Make the payment to Liantis
  4. You receive your enterprise number

Benefit from our Starter Pack

Starting as self-employed can feel overwhelming at times. Get the peace of mind you deserve as a new self-employed. With our Starter Pack you get access to the following exclusive benefits:

Special starter deal

We cover your registration fee from the Crossroads Banks for Enterprises (€105,5)

  • Simply send us your receipt from Liantis
  • We will provide you with a voucher of €105.5 valuable for all Accountable plans
€105.5 monetary value
Coaching and community

Personal coaching by experienced Tax Coaches

  • 2 value packed sessions of 45min on how to get started, led by a Tax Coach
  • Cohort-based learning together with up to 10 self-employed from your profession
€150 monetary value
Exclusive content and access

Exclusive Invites to Networking Events and Premium Content

  • Receive tickets & invites to conferences, workshops and trainings
  • Free quarterly ‘Ask Me Anything’ session with one of our partner accountants

Our tool to register as self-employed is currently only available on desktop.

Go to “” on desktop to register.